Metal Forging

Founded on Forging

About ForgingSince Smith & Wesson was founded in 1852, precision metal forging has been a key to the quality and performance of our products. For decades, our expert staff has put the quality of Smith & Wesson forging into a wide variety of components for other products — from electrical tools to motorcycles.

But we’re truly a one-stop shop, additionally offering you:

  • Assistance in component design, engineering it for manufacturability to ensure quality and efficiency
  • In-house tooling design and die forming
  • Procurement of raw stock and shearing for billets
  • Drop-hammer and hydraulic die forging of a variety of metals and alloys
  • Hot and cold trimming and coining
  • Roto-blasting, tumbling and other finishing operations
  • Annealing, hardening, stress relief and other heat treating
  • Plating and metal finishing

Tooling for a precision-forged component is a long-term investment. We have some of the country’s best die sinkers in house, and are able to keep the dies they produce perfectly maintained. When we make impression dies, we guarantee them for the lifetime of the program.

Yes, it’s a way of standing behind our products. But it’s also a way of standing beside you, the customer, as a partner, to ensure a long-term relationship based on a quality product and unmatched customer service. After all, that’s what people expect from a legend.