SWPC adheres to ASTM standards and diligent quality control methods, implementing testing data along with decades of expertise.


SWPC adheres to ASTM standards and diligent quality control methods,implementing testing data along with decades of expertise.


Advances in materials and in molding toolmaking technology have opened virtually endless possibilities for injection-molded plastic components. We offer complete rapid prototyping, tooling and injection molding services — from the most common to the most exotic engineered resins.


Of all the ways to shape metal, the only one to shape it while making it stronger and more durable is forging. That’s what makes our products known for their strength and durability: our expertise in forging steel, stainless, aluminum and scandium into tough, long-lasting components.

Our metal forging division produces raw forging blanks or near-net shape parts from aluminum, carbon or stainless steel.

Heat Treating

The same piece of metal can be soft and malleable, resilient and springy or hard enough to carve stone. It is tuned by carefully controlled heat treating. The longevity and dependability of Smith & Wesson products are due, in part, to our heat treating facilities and skills.

Controlling the physical properties of metal is achievable through various heat treating methods such as annealing, hardening and quenching.


Metal finishing operations — oxide coatings, plating, blasting and tumbling —can protect components from corrosion, enhance their function and make them more beautiful. Our skill in plating and finishing operations is easy to see in our firearms — and in the components we finish for manufacturers like you.

Metal finishing processes can not only protect components from corrosion, but can also enhance function and improve cosmetics.

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