Precision Components for Demanding Applications

Smith & Wesson is known for its high degree of quality: lives literally depend on our products’ performance. So our capabilities and processes are built around manufacturing to demanding specifications and tight tolerances.

This means our services aren’t geared for everyone. We offer a premium level of quality. And while we offer that level to any customer who wants to work with us, we are perfectly suited for industries with unique needs and specifications:



Medical devices save lives. But only if every component works perfectly … every time. Smith & Wesson is perfectly equipped to manufacture springs, shafts, fittings and other metal components — as well as a variety of plastic parts, particularly those that require overmolding or have complex profiles.


Aerospace and Defense

Smith & Wesson is familiar with tough aerospace (AMS) and defense (MIL-SPEC) specifications. We have been manufacturing components to them for decades. We are able to meet aerospace and military specifications in nearly every manufacturing operation.

Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas

Development of new ways to extract oil and gas from shale basins places an emphasis on new technology — and leans heavily on joints, drill heads, gears and other forged components, as well as heat-treated components that perform in the most punishing environments.



Vehicles use any number of forged, heat-treated, injection-molded parts, or components with special finishing. We are best suited for safety-critical components, such as powertrain, steering, braking, restraint and lighting systems.