S&W Precision Components

Put a legend on your line

The quality and durability of Smith & Wesson products is legendary. Put that legend to work for you.

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Medical devices save lives. But only if every component works perfectly … every time. For more than 150 years, we’ve made precision parts that people depend on. Let’s take a look at yours.

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Aerospace & Defense

Lives depend on the quality of your components. We’re used to that. There’s nobody with more experience for manufacturing your mission-critical parts.

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Oil & Gas

New drilling and transmission technology depends on tough components that endure the most punishing conditions. We’re up to that job.

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The industry runs on dependable, durable, close-tolerance components. Talk to us about your biggest injection molding, forging, heat-treating or metal finishing challenges.

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Smith & Wesson Precision Components

Springfield Facility

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Deep River Plastics Facility

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Quality Control

The quality that goes into Smith & Wesson’s products is well-known. It’s what makes them the first choice of so many law enforcement professionals, and how our name has become synonymous with “self defense.” 

We carefully protect that reputation for quality, through: 

  • Careful testing of the products we produce
  • Adherence to ISO 9001 manufacturing standards
  • Rigid project management and process control procedures
  • Continuous training

A Safe Workplace

Smith & Wesson is proud of its record of safety in the workplace. It is the result of:

  • Compliance with all applicable environmental, health, and safety laws and regulations, including the ATF’s Firearms Tracing procedures
  • Documented safety policies and procedures, with regular employee training sessions
  • Management of employee health and safety risks through documented risk management processes

ISO 9001 2008 Certificate

ISO 9001 2015 Certificate

Plastic Injection Molding

Advances in materials and in molding and toolmaking technology have opened virtually endless possibilities for injection-molded plastic components. We offer complete rapid prototyping, tooling and injection molding services — from the most common to the most exotic engineered resins.

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Metal Forging

Of all the ways to shape metal, the only one to shape it while making it stronger and more durable is forging. That’s what makes our products known for their strength and durability: our expertise in forging steel, stainless, aluminum and scandium into tough, long-lasting components. 

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Heat Treating

The same piece of metal can be soft and malleable, resilient and springy or hard enough to carve stone. It is tuned by carefully controlled heat treating. The longevity and dependability of Smith & Wesson products are due, in part, to our heat treating facilities and skills. 

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Plating & Finishing

Metal finishing operations — oxide coatings, plating, blasting and tumbling —can protect components from corrosion, enhance their function and make them more beautiful. Our skill in plating and finishing operations is easy to see in our firearms — and in the components we finish for manufacturers like you.

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